Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stroke me, baby!

Recently, my mother had a stroke.  Being an avid, naturalist, she questioned her hospital doctor about supplement she could take to help with her condition.  CoQ10 was one of the first that the doctor put her on.

While discussing all the things that happen to a body when there's a stoke, of course, the main thing was about the nerves in the brain.  After all, this is where a stroke starts.  We brought up the subject of Neuro-PS, which the doctor had never heard of.  

Neuro-PS Benefits

  • Supports healthy cognitive function.
  • Supports sleep by rebalancing pituitary/adrenal communication.
  • Helps fight stress and supports healthy moods.
The doctor agreed it could be beneficial.  Why?   Of course, there's the obvious supporting of healthy cognitive function, which is a great concern after a stroke.  But, the stress and mood benefits are pivotal since strokes, in great part, are caused by things like high blood pressure.  Balancing the moods and reducing stress also aids the blood pressure medication she was prescribed.

For any type of medical condition, it pays to do your research on holistic aids that will naturally help the body heal and flourish.

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