Monday, March 21, 2011

Allergy Season is upon us

For allergy sufferers, the words Spring and Fall don't hold the same love as for the rest of us.  It generally means sneezing, watery eyes, nasal drip, coughing, trouble breathing and sometimes more severe effects.  I have a 15 year old who has suffered allergies forever.  I hated giving him all the prescriptions, OTC meds and treatments.  So I looked around and opted for alternatives.

One of the best is the nasal rinse.  You simply run warm salt water, using a special bottle, through your sinuses (this is also a good alternative for sinus problems and minor infections).  We use Neillmed products and they work wonderfully (

Nasal Discharge options:
Ferrum phosphoricum - a watery nose and runny eyes;  gritty or burning feeling in the eyes and a hard, short, tickling cough. 
Allium cepa - runny nose with clear mucus that is irritating to your upper lip; watery eyes, sneezing, a tickling cough, thirst, and feeling worse when indoors and better when outside

 Wyethia - nose is dry and irritated, even if your nose is still runny; itching in the ears, throat, roof of the mouth and behind the nose

Sneezing options:
Sabadilla - long bouts of sneezing, watery eyes and feel like you have a lump in your throat; a runny discharge from the nose, an itchy nose, and headaches that occur when you are drowsy or trying to concentrate
Gelsemium - sneeze frequently and have aches in the back of your head and neck; tiredness brought on by allergy symptoms, flushing of the face, and swollen membranes in the nasal passages along with an irritating watery discharge

Natrum muriaticum - works well for people who sneeze, have watery eyes and clear nasal mucus that looks like egg white; dark circles under the eyes, thirst, having problems smelling or tasting, feeling sad or withdrawn and being irritated when someone tries to comfort you

Arsenicum album - a wheezy cough; a watery discharge from the nose that may burn, swelling under the eyes, and feeling tired, restless, anxious or chilly

Euphrasia - If you find yourself coughing in the daytime but less at night; swollen and irritated eyes which may have some discharge, and eyes that are sensitive to light

Nux vomica - A teasing cough that mostly just produces a tickling feeling in the throat; People who respond well to Nux vomica often find their nose alternates between being stuffed (at night or outdoors) and runny (during the day or indoors), and they may feel impatient and irritable

To find these and more homeopathic allergy remedies, visit the pages Puritan link.


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