Saturday, June 18, 2011

Women's Sexual Health-All things can improve with age

Like a fine wine women improve with age.  This is so true but sometimes, with all the changes and hormonal shifts, women's sex drive can decrease with age.  It doesn't have to be that way.  And don't run out to the doctor to see if they make Viagra for women.  That isn't necessary at all.

Sex drive isn't all about the changes to the body and I have found an incredible combination of supplements that will not only help maintain libido but will increase desire and sexual acuity.  (Now I'm just looking for the combination that makes men more romantic...LOL).

First, we all know that sex starts in the brain, especially for women.  Neuro PS has been proven to support cognitive function, memory and better moods.  So not only is it beneficial for women's sexual health but all mental functions as we get older.  On a personal note, I also found that it seemed to decrease inhibitions and increase creativity in intimacy.

Second, as a woman gets older her libido decreases, which can be very frustrating because we don't lose interest in our mate but our bodies tend to lose interest in sexual activity.  Maca, which is known to increase stamina, energy and sexual function, increases our body's sexual desire.

Combining the two has a an aphrodisiac effect on women of all ages.  Though this is not documented anywhere, I take this information strictly from personal experience. 

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