Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teen Acne Help

Ahh, the rumors of what causes acne in teens.  Everything from chocolate and junk food to sexual promiscuity or lack thereof.  The real deal is quite simple and it comes down to nutrition.

As usual, I will preach the importance of a multi-vitamin to start with.  In some cases, this will be enough to help balance things out and diminish acne.  More specifically though, I will tell you what supplements you may want to add if that simply isn't enough.

In some cases, acne is stress-related.  So, after beginning a multi-vitamin regimen, I would suggest relaxation techniques such as Yoga ( or Meditation (

For application ideas, I would suggest Tea Tree Oil facial cleansing.  You can either purchase Tea Tree Oil and dilute it for application or find a Tea Tree Oil facial cleanser.  It is a proven antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial treatment.

"Vitamin A. Vitamin A the skin heals faster and improves skin quality. It can be taken anywhere within the treatment period, as well as afterwards to prevent future outbreaks. The recommended dose is about 25,000 units twice a day. It is commonly found in fish oils, so eat about two to three servings of oily fish every week.

Zinc and copper. Commonly found in skin ointments and balms, zinc speeds up the healing of skin tissue and minimizes scarring. It also acts as a barrier against germs and bacteria to prevent inflammation and infection. Zinc supplements are often combined with copper, because pure zinc tends to lower copper levels in the body. Take 50 mg of zinc with 5 mg of copper everyday. Do not exceed 100 mg of zinc per day, as this can be toxic in large amounts.

Omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids are also commonly found in fish oils. Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the cell membranes to help them better absorb nutrients. They also prevent bacterial infection and inflammation. Most nutritional supplements for acne contain omega-3 in small amounts, but cod liver oil is one of the best sources. The usual dose is one tablespoon per day. You can also take concentrated fish capsules containing 1,500 mg of EPA daily.

Acidophilus. This is a type of bacteria that helps promote proper digestion. It naturally occurs in the intestinal tract, but it is easily destroyed by digestive acids and normal intestinal contractions. If you have persistent skin problems, take regular supplements of acidophilus.

Digestive enzymes. Digestive or pancreatic enzymes help break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This helps minimize skin oiliness. If you have extremely oily skin, take regular nutritional supplements for acne containing amylase, lipase, and protease."*
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