Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nighttime Health

It may not seem like a big deal when we don't get enough sleep or get too much sleep.  Sure we are tired and maybe even irritable but that's life.  Right?  WRONG!  Poor sleep leads to many problems that could have adverse affects on our health.

Lack of sleep can make you more likely to get sick, with a cold or flu; it can cause increased weight gain; cause lack of coordination and slow response.  It's also been linked to higher stress, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Too much sleep isn't any better.  It can disrupt blood sugar levels, which can cause diabetes.  In middle-aged women, too much sleep has been linked to increased risk of stroke. 

Some research also suggests a link between mental health issues and sleep issues.  Bipolar, depression, anxiety are just a few of these possible connections.

So what do you do about it?  First, and I do mean FIRST, see a doctor if you get too little or too much sleep but can't seem to control either.  I can't emphasize how many serious illnesses can cause sleep deprivation or oversleeping.

In my opinion, if there's nothing physical then it's time to re-evaluate your sleep pattern.  So many people don't realize that drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and early evening can make it difficult to fall asleep even if you insist it doesn't make you hyper. 

Another issue is stress.  We run and do and plan and worry and make it impossible for our brain and body to relax before sleeping.  We go, go, go then think jumping into bed just because we are finally tired will work.  We all need to unwind. 

And finally, routine, routine, routine.  Go to bed at the same time.  Make an evening routine of dinnertime, relaxtion, meditation, aromatherapy and so on.  Your body will get in the habit of going to sleep when it's time and getting up (at the same time) when it's time.  We have an internal clock that regulates body functions and once we learn to respect that, our body will thank us with energy and health.

Recommendations for relaxing aromatherapy:
Almond oil massages help improve sleep patterns.
Lavendar, Chamomile, Vanilla and Rose are great relaxants in baths and diffusers.

Special note for those who snore:
Of all the essential oils that are there, marjoram and lavender are the two oils which are widely used for treating snoring.

For more help on how to induce sleep naturally, visit:

Sexual Health: A Joint Venture

We all know that men have tons of testosterone and usually flaunt that every chance they get.  Women, with higher estrogen, aren't usually nearly as sexual.  But the sexual experience between commited partners is one of life's purest joys.  So what to do when the kids, career, errands, housework...etc leave you feeling less than frisky?

No hormones is not the answer here.  It's about mental and physical stimulation so let's start, as usual, with a multivitamin.  This should lead to the discovery of whether fatigue is an issue or other vitamin deficiencies.  But let's take it one step further...add motivation and passion to your love life naturally.

First, let's talk mental attentiveness.  This comes down to mental acuity.  My recommendation (and personal preference) is Neuro PS.  It add zest to the mind and imagination in several areas of life: work, kids, and sexual exploration. 

Second, anytime fatigue plays a role in our day to day, Vitamin B Complex is a great way to fight that feeling of giving up and laying down until Spring. 

Third, supplements like Ginseng (known to be an aprodisiac) or foods like oysters and dark chocolate can help get the motor going.  But don't forget that the wrong daily diet can lend itself as the cause of fatigue, low sex drive, moodiness and depression.  None of which are conducive to a happy sex life.  Lay off too much alcohol, eat foods high in fiber, drink lots of water and exercise (even if it's only 15 minutes of stretching, walking or, my favorite, dancing).

Finally, setting the mood is overlooked much of the time.  Guys especially need to keep in mind that women are more responsive to sight, touch, sound and smell when it comes to eroticism so turn that music on; touch and hold her (oil massages are a definite turn on here); and use aromatherapy in oils, candles, room fragrance and/or bubble baths. 

Coleus- Coleus helps in the relaxation of smooth muscles and increases blood flow, both important actions in a healthy sexual response.

Comfrey- Comfrey has been shown to affect the sex hormones which stimulate the ovaries and testes. Such a hormonal effect is also indicated by traditional belief.

Dong Quai-Dong quai's ability to optimize female hormones sets the stage for responsiveness to sexual desire. Sexual pleasure, particularly orgasmic intensity, may be enhanced with the use of dong quai.

Aromatic Oils like Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Neroli are natural aphrodisiacs.  Other scents that increase sexuality and reduce premature ejaculation are Lavendar, Cinammon, Cherry and Sage.

Remember: A healthy, happy sex life starts in the brain and works its way down.  So don't be in a rush to get the quick the work and the ultimate sexual connection will be made.

**If you have a specific sexual issue, erectile dysfunction, impotence, dryness, etc, please email me and I will research and post a blog about it.  I will NEVER, NEVER use your name in my blog.  All correspondence with me is confidential.